“Children don’t often show their pain through talking. They show us their pain through challenging behaviour. As a culture we need to move beyond seeing challenging behaviour as naughtiness or a choice and look to what children are desperately communicating.”  


Along with Otto, I support children who have experienced loss, low resilience, bullying, anger, anxiety, change, family break ups, relationship, behavioural and attachment issues.  I also work with adopted, fostered and children who are in temporary care. 

I’m there to listen to children who just want to talk, or help those struggling to express their feelings in a way they can then understand.  

My experience and knowledge gained on the Thrive Approach course (based on neuroscience, attachment theory, child development, creativity and play) and other courses I have attended, has allowed me to understand a child’s emotions and behaviour. This enables me to “rewire” their brain by creating new, stronger, healthier neuronal pathways which is achieved through fun and friendly sessions, all targeted at the child’s individual needs.  

Much of my work is focused on emotions. Many children don’t have the ability to tell an adult how they are feeling or recognise and understand what sensations and emotions they are experiencing. This in turn can result in challenging behaviour and wrong choices being made.  

Providing the child’s family with the right tools and strategies to use at home and school is also part of my work, allowing the child to have help from all aspects of their lives.  

Depending on where the child is most comfortable, the sessions can be carried out at their own home, but are ideally delivered in a specially assigned room (The Pod) in my own home.  

Activities include many varieties of arts, crafts and play, mindfulness and guided visualisation, cooking, gardening, den building, relevant reading, sand tray work and self esteem building techniques.  


Depending on the brain interruptions following the specific issue or trauma being experienced by the child, the above activities all help to build a relationship and trust for me to rewire the brain and create a new pathway of thought.  


An initial meeting is priced at £120 which covers a meeting with the child and family either at The Pod or at their own home which can last up to 2 hours. This initial cost also includes me preparing a dedicated action plan for the child and the family.  

Follow up sessions are priced at £45 an hour and these would take place at The Pod.   

Please note mileage will be charged at 45p/mile for those sessions that need to be carried out within the family home and not The Pod. 

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